Rickey (Gin)

It is summertime in the late 1800s in Washington, D.C.  President Garfield is shot by an assassin; and, despite the advances of medicine and the invention of the first mechanical air conditioning machine, he will succumb to his wound and die from a combination of fever (heat exposure) and infection.

Once a swamp, Washington, D.C.’s late 1800s summers take the lives of many of its citizens. Stumbling lawmakers and sweaty Senators find their way to Shoomaker’s Bar for relief from the summer’s heat. A Democratic lobbyist – the “Colonel” Joe Rickey – walks up to the bar and requests a cold, bourbon-based drink. The bartender, probably George Williamson, concocts a new creation for the Colonel. Bourbon, sweetened with lime, and topped with sparkling mineral water. The Rickey is born.

The Rickey takes on a number of variations; however, bourbon and gin maintain the staple for this Washington, D.C. cocktail. Simple syrup to taste, the Rickey’s cooling sparkling water and tart citrus combination make for an easy summer-sipper. Truly an American cocktail, the Rickey was declared Washington, D.C.’s native cocktail (c.2011). Find respite from the heat; the Colonel welcomes you.

Gin RickeyThe Rickey (Gin)

2 oz Gin; we use Bluecoat Gin, or Washington D.C.’s own Green Hat Gin

1 oz Lime Juice (Fresh); our roots are Florida, so, our Rickey usually has a little more lime (the juice from at least 2 full limes)

Sparkling Water; Soda Stream does the trick

Simple Syrup/Sugar to taste

Fill a Collin’s glass with lime juice and simple syrup or sugar. Mix lime juice and simple syrup. Fill glass with ice. Add gin and soda water. Stir. Enjoy.

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