Martinez (Rum)

The Cocktail Family Tree did not part with its branches when the Martini and Martinez broke from its trunk. Probably developed during the 1860-70s Italian Vermouth-run in the United States, the Martinez is the father – or, maybe the brother – of the more common Martini. Distinct from its whiskey-based cousin (the Manhattan), the traditional Martinez is a cocktail based in Gin with Italian Vermouth and Maraschino Liqueur. This afternoon, we break from tradition with our special variation of the Rum Martinez.

Rum MartinezThe Rum Martinez (Infused)

2 Parts Rum (Dark), Zaya 12-Year

1 Part Italian Vermouth. Cinzano

1 Bar Spoon Maraschino Liqueur, Luxardo

1 Dash Orange-Rum Bitters, Home-Made

Cherry Wood

Prepare your Cherry Wood in a tea strainer, ignite with flame. Pour Rum over Cherry Wood and let steep for 30-Seconds. Fill mixing vestibule with ice. Pour Cherry Wood-Infused Rum, Italian Vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, and Orange-Rum Bitters into mixing vestibule. Stir until ice cold. Strain into your favorite goblet or glass.

In all honesty, we intended to create this cocktail after returning from a Miami birthday party – where we celebrated the birth and life of our Tío. However, a seasonal cold and a bout of pneumonia forced us to instead enjoy Toddies. So, this cocktail is belatedly dedicated to our Tío. Drink in good health!

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