Sidecar Cocktail

Two of the Barrister’s favorite things: Paris and a good cocktail. This cocktail’s origins are a bit dicey, however, the French like to take the credit claiming that the cocktail was created either in the Ritz or Harry’s New York Bar. It is more commonly believed that the drink was made in Harry’s New York Bar. An undisputed fact: the Sidecar was created towards the end of the First World War.

The story goes, that an American Army Captain often traveled to Harry’s New York Bar in the sidecar of his friend’s motorbike. He wanted a drink to warm him up before dinner, and cognac was the immediate suggestion. However, it was not seen as an appropriate drink so early in the evening, and so the bartender mixed some Cointreau and lemon juice with it. So, the sidecar was born.


2oz Brandy (Cognac was the original base)
1oz Cointreau
1oz Lemon Juice

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake until cold. Pour into your favorite cocktail glass. Don’t forget to line the rim of your glass lightly with sugar.

*Note – we have quadrupled the original recipe.

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