Likening the curls of rosemary to Caesar’s laurels, Jamie Boudreau’s Rubicon is named after the famous river crossed by Rome’s great general and statesman. There is not a lot of history to this cocktail – aside from its namesake. We simply sought out some new experiments to incorporate rosemary to our glass.


2 oz. Gin
1/2 oz. Green Chartreuse
1/2 oz. Maraschino Liqueur
1/2 oz. Lemon Juice

Prepare rocks glass with Rosemary and Green Chartreuse. Toast Rosemary sprigs. Set aside. Prepare shaker with ice. Add Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, and Lemon Juice to shaker. Shake until cold. Strain into Green Chartreuse and Rosemary rocks glass. Enjoy.

*We pulled the rosemary from our glass after pouring.

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