The original Daiquiri is not far off from other Daiquiri’s that we enjoy. The E. Hemingway Special removes the sugar in favor of Maraschino liqueur and Grapefruit Juice. The Papa Doble doubles the Rum, Fruit Juices, and reduces the Maraschino to only a few sparing drops. There is no excess syrups, no extra fruity purees, and certainly no blenders involved in the original Daiquiri. We will provide you with a history of the true Daiquiri on Ernest Hemingway’s birthday (21 July). For now, shake up your own Daiquiri on this mild spring afternoon.


2 oz. Rum (Light/Silver)
1 oz. Lime Juice (Fresh)
1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

Prepare cocktail shaker with ice. Pour Rum, Lime Juice, and Simple Syrup into shake. Vigorously shake until ice cold and frothy. Strain into cocktail glass.

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