Negroni Week 2015 (1-7 June)

The Third Annual Negroni Week is upon us! Created in 2013 by Imbibe Magazine, Negroni Week highlights one of the greatest classic cocktails in an effort to raise money for a number of charities around the globe. Thousands of bars and drinking establishments worldwide participate in Negroni Week, with all Negroni sales going to that particular establishment’s choice of charity. To make it all the more interesting, bar tenders and “mixologists” compete in adding their own special touches to the original Negroni recipe in their attempts to create a new classic.

The Barrister’s Bar Room debuted the Negroni as a barrel aged cocktail experiment, where we let the various spirits rest in a charred oak barrel for several days. For Negroni Week 2015, we plan to prepare at least three of our favorite variations on the Negroni. Prepare your palates and stay tuned!

Negroni (Outside)Negroni

1 oz. Gin (Green Hat)
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Vermouth, Sweet (Dolin Rosso)

Prepare mixing glass with ice. Pour Gin, Campari, and Vermouth into mixing glass. Stir, diluting the spirits. Strain into an ice filled Rocks Glass. Garnish with a Lemon or Orange peel.

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