Frisco & Frisco Sour

Since the early 1900’s, San Franciscans have despised the term “Frisco.” According to Paul Harrington’s Cocktail, the Ladies Outdoor Art League of San Francisco started an Anti-Frisco Committee in 1907. This group labeled the nickname for the city as “obnoxious,” and sought to remove the term from common usage. The negative stigma associated with “Frisco” lead to a decline of the desirability and availability of the cocktails sharing the nickname.

The Frisco Sour is prohibition classic, and a variation of its sister cocktail, the Whiskey Sour, the difference being in the lack of sugar and addition of grenadine.  Frisco Sour’s big brother, the Frisco cocktail, first appeared in William Boothby’s World Drinks and How to Mix Them (1934). We found the Frisco Sour in our Old Mr. Bostons Bartender’s Guide (1948). 

Frisco  image

2 oz rye
3/4 oz Lemon
3/4 oz  Benedictine










Frisco Sour

2 oz.  Rye or Bourbon Whiskey
Juice 1/4 Lemon
Juice 1/4 Lime
1/2 oz. Raspberry Syrup or Grenadine

Shake well with cracked ice and strain into a 6 oz glass. Fill with carbonated water.


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