Old Fashioned; Winter Series

imageThis prohibition era cocktail is perfect for a chilly 30 degree winter evening.

1 bar spoon of sugar
2 dashes of cinnamon orange bitters (see experimental bitters post).
1 splash of water
1 jigger of bourbon
1 orange peel

Instructions: Add the 1 bar spoon of sugar to glass, add 2 dashes of cinnamon-orange bitters to the sugar, next add a splash of water to the sugar and bitters. Muddle this combination until sugar dissolves.  Add your jigger of Bourbon to the mixture, I prefer to use Bulleit bourbon. Then add ice and an orange peel to garnish. Voila!

I have deviated from the norm in creating this cocktail, typically an orange peel is added to the muddling process, however, the cinnamon-orange bitters have allowed me to skip this step.  You will also find a maraschino cherry in your libation when ordered at any bar, I personally do not care for them. Cheers!

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